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Deus Ex - The Best of JC Denton

There was a video like this on YouTube awhile back, but it must have got taken down because I cant find it anywhere. Anyway, I complied some lines said by JC...

Deus Ex Gunther Vs Paul - A Deus Ex FanFilm (Animation)

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Deus Ex: Invisible War JC Dentons Plan

Deus Ex - Paul Denton Story

My second favorite character of this game Voice Actor Same as JC - Jay Anthony Franke.

Deus Ex Invisible War - J.C. Denton Ending

With the destruction of the Illuminati and the Knights Templar, nothing stands in the way of the great utopia: the purest democracy, where every person in the...

Lets Play Deus Ex The Invisible War 45: Meeting JC Denton

JC Denton has some big plans for humanity and were quite central to them. Do we agree with what he wants to do? While its the most radical and far-out plan of...

Deus Ex A Bomb - JC Denton and Jock acting foolish

JC and Jock find themselves in a very volatile situation - but engage in smalltalk anyway! Inspired by the infamous bomb-scene, as well as the hilarious deus ex...

Deus Ex Area 51 - Paul Denton

Paul Denton tunes in with the help of Helios to have a talk with JC about the choices that JC can choose.

Deus Ex Invisible War - The Denton gang on Liberty Island

Ahoy! Lets meet our old pals, the Dentons. Is it strange that the thing Im most excited about for the sequel is the reunion with the Dentons? They sure are cool...

Deus Ex Invisible War - Meet Paul Denton

Ohay, fancy seeing you here, Paul! In Cairo no less. The Knights Templar stole him and his little box. How lucky for him that Alex Denton came to save his ass!